Power of Gratitude

As we get caught up in the flow of daily life, we often lose our awareness of the values, objects and people we already have and focus more on what we do not have. In the midst of this flow, sometimes looking at what we have and putting the feeling of gratitude to the fore can benefit us mentally and physically. While this process of awareness for what we have, sometimes with a deeper inner journey, we can feed the feeling of gratitude for ourselves, and sometimes we can develop our sense of gratitude by giving thanks to someone we do not know in daily life.

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Benefits of Gratitude

According to research by the Harvard Health Institute, saying thank you can affect a person’s daily life, perspective on the past, and positive attitude towards the future. According to the results of the research, being grateful: 


  • It gives the person a positive perspective. 
  • It increases the enjoyment of experiences.
  • It makes you feel physically healthier.
  • It makes it easier to deal with difficulties.
  • It supports the person to strengthen his/her relations with himself/herself and the outside world.

30 Days of Gratitude 

Self-Gratitude:  In all difficult days in this life, our biggest supporter is ourselves. Our achievements, our stance in life, and even our very existence are facts that support the feeling of gratitude. Therefore, remembering to thank ourselves the most will support our self-confidence in our future journeys.

Gratitude for experiences: Our experiences are the greatest teachers that make us who we are. Our past, present, and future experiences, which we have not yet lived through, prepare us for a better version of ourselves than we have always been. Therefore, since we have these experiences, we can say good luck to ourselves first and then to life.

Gratitude for health: Being healthy is the key to living a peaceful life, but we often realize the importance of our health after we lose it. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Focusing on our health, even when we are healthy, and seeing the value of being healthy will make us more resistant to potential unhealthy days and will make us pay more attention to our health.

Gratitude for safety: The need to feel safe, concretely, or abstractly, is one of the most basic needs of all of us in life. Everyone wants to be protected both physically and psychologically. For this reason, maybe we can thank first for the space we live in and then for the objects, people and places that make us feel safe and good.

Gratitude for financial resources: We often imagine what we do not have beyond the material resources we have and strive to achieve them. But being grateful for the material resources we have will bring us closer to where we aim financially. Therefore, having occasional gratitude for the material resources we have increases our awareness of our material resources.

Gratitude for nature:  When dealing with the problems of daily life, it becomes difficult for us to return to nature, to realize the importance of the resources around us. Being aware of the beauties our world offers us is as easy as we can do even with a small walk or the food that comes before us. Being grateful to nature for these beauties makes our bond with life stronger.

Gratitude for relationships: We are all social beings. From the moment we are born, we encounter people who have contributed to our growth and development. Afterward, we meet people who sometimes give us difficult experiences, sometimes we have difficult experiences, and sometimes we come across people who have been a light on our journey in life. All the people we meet teach us new experiences and develop us. Therefore, thanking our relationships teaches us to look at our current relationships more mindfully.

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Gratitude Meditation

There are many ways to gratitude. Meditation is one of these ways. Meditation allows us to approach the events and people in our lives with mindfulness and focus on the emotion we are in. Therefore, we can include meditation in our journey of giving thanks in different areas of life and we can use mindfulness techniques in our journey of gratitude.

You can download Innerjoy from Google Play or App Store for Gratitude Guide to Life and many other meditations and start experiencing a mindful life.

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