Tips for Dealing with Uncertainty

Emotional Resilience

From time to time, we may see the future as uncertain in the face of situations that are beyond our control and stress us emotionally, and we may feel as if we are not in control of our lives and emotions. At such times, knowing concepts such as emotional resilience or psychological social adjustment and incorporating them into our lives can be a saving way for us. Emotional resilience is the ability to manage the crisis and overcome the crisis psychologically and emotionally in the face of challenging events, situations, or people. Emotional resilience is also about being able to manage stress. Social adaptation, on the other hand, is the state of not resisting change by adapting ourselves to the new as much as possible, in the face of situations and periods that are outside our comfort zone, uncertain and new for us. Because everything changes, develops, and renews. It is very important for our psychological health that we keep up with this change in a healthy way.

Circle of Influence

The circle of influence is one of the methods used to adapt to difficult periods that develop under our control and to develop psychological or emotional resilience. Learning what the concept of the circle of influence is will enable us to look at situations that seem complex with a simple and objective point of view and make it easier for us to manage stress and build psychological and emotional resilience.

There are 3 circles of influence. These are respectively, circle of control, circle of influence and circle of concern.

Circle of control: The circle of control consists of things that we can control while we are in it and shape its course. In these cases, the subject of the event is usually the person himself/herself. Our words, actions and reactions etc. can be given as an example of the concepts in the control circle.

Circle of influence: It consists of events and situations that we have influence but that we cannot completely control. Like the behavior of the people around us, our future, our health, our finances.

Circle of Concern: Circle of events that are beyond our control. Examples for this circle are, such as pandemic diseases, wars, the state of our country and deaths.

Dealing with Uncertainty

Uncertainty anxiety is generally the worry about the uncertainty of the future. Generally, people with anxiety problems are more affected by uncertainty anxiety and may have difficulties to deal with uncertainty. Because future possibilities occur outside of our control and take place in the circle of anxiety within the circle of influence. Since the multiplicity and uncertainty of the possibilities will affect unpredictable events, it can challenge everyone, not just people with anxiety problems. At this point, it is important for our psychological well-being to be able to manage the feelings created by this uncertainty rather than trying to establish control in the face of uncertainty. There are many alternative ways to deal with uncertainty, but the main purpose here is not to suppress the stress brought by uncertainty, but to try to keep this stress under control and let it affect our daily life to a minimum. Everyone has a different way of deal with uncertainty and stress. At this point, it will be a more effective method for us to try alternatives and decide which one is suitable for us to deal with uncertainty.

How Does Developing a Positive Outlook Strengthen

  • Not being forced to try to control uncertain events and accepting how they make us feel.
  • Try meditation or other mindfulness practices to stay in the moment and manage anxiety about the future.
  • Trying to be exposed to negative news and thoughts, which may cause us anxiety over uncertainty in our social life, to a minimum.
  • Being in environments and groups where we can share our feelings.
  • To focus on hobbies, we enjoy doing to manage stress.
  • Being in physical activity, throwing physical energy away.
  • Caring about and adopting self-care and self-compassion and incorporating related practices into our lives.
  • Creating a sleep pattern.
  • Caring about and spending time on routines that are good for us.

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