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You can find us just by typing “innerjoy” on the Appstore and Google Play. Or while you are already here, just click on the links below to download Innerjoy right away.

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Thanks to its artificial intelligence feature, Innerjoy has an infrastructure that recommends practices catered to your needs at any time of the day and on whichever subject you wish to work on. To do this, simply click the special suggestions for you on the landing page.

If you have just started meditation, or coming back after a break, the starter program can be a very nice warm-up for you. As you advance your meditation practices with the starter program, you can find the answers to your questions in Frequently asked questions section. You can also get detailed information about meditation through our fun articles.

In addition, you can access 750+ content on any topic you may need at this stage in your life for a specific situation or emotion using the Discover section.

InnerJoy includes a lot of free features, including the Basics 1 Program.

If you feel warmed up to do more of meditation and you feel like giving yourself more the gift of mindfulness, you can start a Premium Membership and gain unlimited access to more than 750 meditations on more than 170 topics.

You can subscribe to Premium Membership through Apple Pay, Google Pay or simply by credit card here.

At Innerjoy, you can purchase Premium Membership Packages from Apple Appstore or via Google Pay and https://www.innerjoy.app For Google Pay and Apple Appstore purchases, return processes are managed by Google and Apple. You can simply click here for Apple and manage the process. You can simply click here for Google  and manage the process. 12-month Premium Memberships purchased via the website can be refunded within 30 days from the date of payment based on the refund request. Unfortunately, if requests are made after more than 30 days, a refund is not possible. For 6-Month Premium subscriptions, the refund period is 7 days. Unfortunately, refunds cannot be made for requests exceeding 7 days. No refunds can be made for the monthly Premium membership. You can make cancellation requests by sending an e-mail to InnerJoy Team here.

Technical Issues

In the opening screen of the Discover Section, you can find Featured Applications  based on the most preferred applications by the InnerJoy family. You can search for the topic you want using the search function at the top of the page or you can search using the predetermined search titles. In the Select Application section, you can access hundreds of practices and programs gathered under categories, such as Student, Family, Business Life, Stress, or Focus.

On your profile, you can find statistics on the meditation practices you have done so far.

You can change your profile picture by clicking on it.

You can access the settings from the settings button next to the profile section.

You can follow your progress in Stress and Focus.

If you have your smartwatch paired, you can observe your heart rate variability during meditation practices.

Practices with a Virtual Reality glasses icon have the Virtual Reality feature. You can make your virtual reality / audio meditation preference as you start the meditation, and select the environment if you have chosen Virtual Reality. You can do your practice in the Virtual Reality mode with or without glasses.

If you have a smartwatch with a non-stop heart rate monitoring function, you can pair it with InnerJoy and observe the variability in your heart rate during meditation. You can pair your watch from the “Device and Pairing” section on the Settings Page.

If you prefer to not have any guidance, you can choose the duration and interval you want and enjoy the unguided meditation practice.
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