We believe in Science !

Science that has inspired Innerjoy’s meditations

The contents of INNERJOY were developed in the light of the positive impact demonstrated by 6,000+ scientific studies done worldwide on mindfulness and meditation. You can access a selection of this research below.

Meditation & Stress

Stress is one of the most important problems of the modern world we live in.

Urban life, intense work pace, an unending list of tasks, and the incredible number of stimuli we are exposed to with developing technology are just a few of the main stress factors in our lives. Thanks to mindfulness, we can regulate our relationship with stress. We can change the point we stand in our lives without changing the environmental conditions we live in. This way, our perception of stress begins to change even when the stress factors in our lives remain the same.


Meditation & Focus

Focus is our most important resource in the digital age we live in.

As the number of stimuli increases in our lives that have been reshaped by the economy of attention, our attention span gets narrower and narrower. We begin to lose our ability to stay in the moment or be present for ourselves and those around us. Being able to focus our attention is the key to efficiency and effective communication. With meditation practice, it is possible to increase our capacity to use our attention in a focused way.


Meditation & Emotional Intelligence

Empathy is putting yourself in another person’s shoes and understanding their thoughts and feelings.

It is also the fundamental layer of emotional intelligence. In order to strengthen our empathic bond with others, it is important to first develop our self-awareness and become familiar with our own feelings.

While developing our self-awareness through meditation practices, we also work on empathy and compassion towards others.

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