Open Communication: How to Better Communicate

What is Open Communication?

We all need socialization. Communication is the basis of socialization. However, sometimes we have difficulties communicating with people we have just met or know very well, which can directly affect our relationships. Healthy communication is a form of communication in which two people approach communication with awareness, are open about their feelings and thoughts, and generally balance between speaking and listening. In addition, for healthy communication, words are needed, as well as successful use of body language.

Unhealthy Communication

Unhealthy communication leads to many misunderstandings and misunderstandings can seriously affect the well-being of the relationship. At this point, understanding the cause of unhealthy communication is important to solve the problem. Sometimes in relationships, we may find it difficult to openly share our feelings and thoughts because we are afraid of being honest with ourselves rather than being honest with the other party. Important feelings such as rejection and a feeling of worthlessness may lie under this attitude and can make these people quite aggressive both towards themselves and towards the other party. Therefore, most of the time, our communication styles show how we defend ourselves. Correcting the person’s communication with himself first will push this person to establish healthy communication in their relationships.

How to Have Open Communication

– Understand oneself

– Use body language effectively.

– Attempt to empathize.

– Be open and honest about feelings, thoughts, and expectations.

– Be respectful.

– Recognize that everyone is valuable and important.

– Accept differences and be tolerant of these differences.

– Be consistent.

– Give importance to privacy.

Effective communication starts with knowing oneself, seeing the deficiencies in communication, and being willing to repair them. Self-aware individuals are more stable in recognizing and understanding others. In this way, the individual who knows himself will have empathy and tolerance as he will be able to perceive the other side better. If you think that you have some communication problems in your relationships, you can try these ways and strive to better your relationship. Because a relationship without effort is doomed to wear out in a short time.

Why Open Communication is Important?

An important benefit of mindfulness is that it opens space for a person to know himself, accept his thoughts and feelings, and adopt them. As people who lead a mindful life get to know themselves better, they are more patient with other people. Thus, their level of empathy increases, and their control over communication increases. According to Mindfulness, it is important to know oneself and to open space to accept my thoughts and feelings and to accept them.

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