Mindfulness for Students

Future anxiety in the face of exams can make it difficult for students to find motivation to study. Especially as the exams get closer, the level of panic begins to increase. Many students start to lose their working efficiency in the face of this situation. Meditation offers relief in these hopeless-seeming moments of panic. Meditation, which is a practice that directly affects personal development, as well as an opportunity for one to develop oneself individually, can increase the efficiency of working with mindfulness techniques for students. Here’s how it works:

1. Motivation

öğrenciler için mindfulness teknikleri


Young people’s concerns for the future are increasing day by day but it should not be forgotten that the opportunities are increasing nowadays. Anxiety placed on the shoulders of young people causes their motivation to decrease. However, meditation reinforces positive emotions and increases motivation.

Meditation guides the search for inner peace. It helps you develop an understanding of yourself and find your positive emotions and values when you feel lost and overwhelmed. Only with a calm mind can you grasp your wants and expectations.

2. Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a state of inner certainty about who you are and what you can offer the world. Through meditation, you can discover yourself and gain awareness of your own worth. Meditation helps you listen to yourself, so you can hear your own voice in every moment of your life and learn to trust it.

 Exams are not everything in life and success cannot always be measured by exams but it is not easy to maintain self-confidence in the face of the pressure it creates on students. Mindfulness is a tool to be aware of expectations from life.

It is very important at this time to remind young people that their role in life is as unique and unique as everyone else. Especially when they come to this awareness themselves and develop a love of who they are, their perception of success develops much more positively throughout their entire lives. It triggers a sense of confidence in them to work for what they love and really want, not to give up when they fail. This energy is great in young people and maintaining it throughout their lives is possible by avoiding being overwhelmed by anxiety during exam periods.


3. Focus

Mindfulness practice has the feature of improving focus! Meditation clarifies attention by focusing on the moment and stabilizing cognitive functions with certain techniques. Even more you can read it in our article: Meditation and Focus

It will be useful to resort to meditation to overcome the difficulties of studying, especially during exam periods. Not only in the lessons, but also in every task that we are worried about for the future, we have difficulty in starting, postpone it and we cannot maintain our focus. Focusing on your breath with mindfulness meditation to relax, unwinding, resting your thoughts by understanding the confusion in your mind better, is a method that has an immediate effect and allows you to sit at the lesson or work easily.

sınav stresi

4. Stress coping

stres ile başa çıkma

Unfortunately, exam stress can exceed the capacity of many students. While a certain amount of stress is necessary for good results, more than that hinders success.

The mindfulness technique is scientifically proven to reduce stress. It even allows people to reconnect with their soul.

Although the importance of exams is undeniable, these exams that everyone passes are not the only thing that defines us. Try not to forget this in the face of exam stress and try to rest your thoughts when you find time. 10 minutes of time spent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is a risky habit that can lead to a bigger waste of time, although it is a fun option. Instead, a 10-minute mindfulness meditation can help you manage your time better.

“Exam Preparation Collection” is now available on InnerJoy to help you get rid of your worries while preparing for exams. We want you to concentrate, cope with future anxiety and exam stress, and increase your self-confidence and motivation with meditation practices specific to these different moments and needs. Maybe it will contribute to the future of Innerjoy, and we will be very happy about it!

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