Meditation for Sleep

What is Sleep?

Sleep is the most important form of rest that our body needs regularly and takes up 3/1 of our life. Although sleep may seem physically passive, it is actually a very dynamic process neurologically. Because the body is hormonally active during sleep. This active process structures our memory with the traffic between neurons in our brain prepares us cognitively for the next day and performs the growth activity in children. Therefore, we can say that sleep is quite critical, a kind of cleansing and purification phase that produces chemicals that are important to us for the rest of our lives.

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Causes of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep problems are a common but serious problem that most people experience at least once in their lives. People who have sleep problems face cognitive and physical problems during the day. In cases where the hormone melatonin, also known as the sleep hormone, is secreted less; Problems focusing, memory problems, depression, inability to control anxiety, high physical fatigue and weakness are seen.

There are many causes of insomnia. These reasons can be clinical, physiological, or periodic. Alternative methods can be tried before seeking clinical help for the causes of insomnia. Methods such as sleep meditations or pre-sleep meditations, aroma therapies, herbal teas, light therapy are important alternative methods for sleep problems. However, it is important to seek help from a doctor and a psychologist at this point, as some situations may be more clinically based problems.

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Benefits of Healthy Sleeping Habits

During the day, we need energy psychologically, cognitively, and physically. When this energy rate decreases, the efficiency we get from the day starts to decrease. At this point, one of the components we need the most to keep our energy high is night sleep. People with good sleep hygiene become more resistant to physical and psychological disorders because their immunity and mood during the day are higher. They are also less at risk of experiencing chronic pain or fatigue. At the same time, a quality sleep pattern also means a quality morning routine. The more awareness and active we spend in our morning routine, the more ready we feel for the day. In this way, we can be more prepared for situations that force us psychologically, cognitively, or physically during the day.

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How to Create a Healthy Sleep Routine?

There are many methods that can be tried for quality sleep. These methods are generally intended to relax the person, relax the muscles and induce sleep. For this reason, using these methods in cases such as sleep deprivation and sleep disorder caused by not being able to cope with stress will provide significant benefits in the short and long term.

  • Sleep Meditation: One of the mindfulness techniques, sleep meditation is one of the mindfulness methods that will make it easier for us to fall asleep.
  • Sleep Stories: Many sleep stories created for children and adults will help you fall asleep.
  • Herbal Teas: Many herbs help relax the body and the person. On sleepless days, consuming these herbal teas, which do not contain caffeine, relaxes us before falling asleep.
  • Aroma Therapy: Some scents create a relaxing effect on the person, just like herbal teas. The right scents are one of the ways to relax us before sleep.
  • Light Therapy: Being exposed to daylight after waking up and purifying and darkening the bed before going to sleep are important clues for the sleep schedule.
  • Exercising: Doing sports or yoga during the day causes the body to feel physically energized at night and to release the hormone melatonin more easily.


You can download Innerjoy and access the 21-day Quality Sleep Guide Program to benefit from these tips and learn many more such tips.

Sleep Meditation

Sleep meditation is an important alternative for regulating sleep hours, establishing a better quality sleep cycle, and falling asleep easier. Because sleep meditation is a technique that calms the mind and relaxes the body. The scientific explanation shows that meditation affects the parasympathetic nervous system, balancing breathing and lowering the heart rate. Thus, the process of falling asleep becomes easier and a better quality night’s sleep occurs.

Sleep meditation is an easy-to-apply technique. First, you can settle into a comfortable position in your bed and relax, then you can turn on the audio meditation you prefer. Adding soothing music or ambient sound to the background can be a tip to make your meditation experience more enjoyable. Afterward, you can listen to the voice prompts with your eyes closed or open, and you can relax your body and fall into a sweet sleep while emptying your mind.

For sleep meditations, you can download Innerjoy from Google Play or App Store, and try the meditation alternative for a solution to your sleep problems.

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