Meditation and Focus

Meditation is a very powerful practice that, when practiced regularly, creates positive effects in many areas of life. It is sometimes even compared to a magic wand. That is because thanks to meditation, your memory and focus level can improve in an incredible way. Besides, your stress level can also be reduced. You can make meditation a part of your life to be more productive and spiritually healthier in all areas of your life.

Like any new skill you try to develop, regular practice is important in focus meditation. To get the most out of meditation, you should make this activity a way of life! 

So, how should you use meditation to improve memory and focus? 

Focus meditation helps you focus your attention on an object, sound, or sensation, rather than trying to get a clear mind without a specific focus. You can practice this style on your own without a trainer or teacher. After providing the basics like some time, something to focus on, and a quiet space, the rest is pretty simple! 

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Breathing and Focus

One of the most fundamental aspects of meditating for focus is your breath. There are many ways to focus on your breath. You can be aware of it with every breath you take, or you can focus on the breaths you take out. By watching the cold air enter your nostrils as you inhale and the warm air exit as you exhale, you can focus on the sensations you are aware of. You can watch your lungs expand and contract in your rib cage and focus on the sensations that this leaves in your body. In particular, observe how your belly rises and falls as you breathe. Or you can count each cycle of your breath as one and continue up to seven if you can. It’s not about being the world’s breathing champion, it’s about encouraging your mind to focus.

Meditation Posture

Make sure to sit still, if possible, throughout the practice. This will help you focus. Sit in a chair or on a cushion on the floor. You can keep your head and back as upright as possible. This increases your chances of staying awake during meditation. The most correct meditation sitting is the one in which you feel comfortable but also alert. Therefore, it should not be a very comfortable sitting, nor should it be an upright sitting that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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What is Focused Attention Meditation?

It aims to focus attention on one thing as a way to stay in the present moment and slow down your inner voice. In classical meditation, you do not focus on anything to quiet your mind, but in focused attention meditation it is essential to focus on one thing, staying with the here and now. For example, sounds, visuals, tactile sensations, tastes, smells and even your own breath…

Give Time

Meditation requires regular practice. You shouldn't adopt a perfectionist attitude and rush and stress yourself out even more. If you do not continue your practice regularly, you may not get the benefits you expect from meditation. Therefore, you should give yourself time and make an effort to make meditation a daily habit.

Get Started with Shorter Practice Times

A five-minute time is quite ideal for beginners. You can increase the amount of time you meditate over time. This will make your meditation practice easier and more effective in the long run.

Choose the Best Time

Many people find focused mindfulness meditation a great way to start their day. With a morning meditation, you can say hello to the day in a calm and cheerful way. If you need to be mindful throughout the day, you should try focusing meditation. To relieve your busy work stress and refocus on your family and home you can try this application in the evening hours.

Focused Mindfulness Meditation in 5 Easy Steps

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1. Choose an object to focus on

Focusing on your breath is often a good choice as it is an entry point into a meditation practice.

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2. Get into a comfortable position

First, sit comfortably. If you are sitting on the floor, you can support yourself with a pillow to keep your spine straight. Then relax your body as much as possible, relax your shoulders and drop them down.


Bring your attention to your breath.

Move your attention to your breath and observe the sensations that change with the breath. Whenever you get distracted, gently come back to your breath as soon as you realize it.

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4. Calm your inner voice

With so many thoughts in your mind throughout practice, your inner voice may come out and make judgments about this experience. Our goal in meditation is not to banish thoughts and empty the mind. By noticing these thoughts and without making any judgments about them, release the thoughts and return to your breath.


5. Don't be afraid to fail

If you find that your mind is preoccupied and you can't feel focused, you shouldn't blame yourself. You should even congratulate yourself for noticing this, go back to the present and try again. Because that is exactly the essence of our meditation practice.

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