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Meditation is a personal experience !

Calm Down, Relax and Discover your Inner Joy
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Meditation is totally different experience

Backed by Science

Mindfulness meditation approach with proven positive impact through more than 6,000 neuroscientific studies worldwide

Tailored for you

Unique Personalized Experience with Technologies, such as AI supported suggestions, virtual reality and BioFeedback 

Your Meditation Coach

Meditation practices for real life situations, supported by coaching techniques catered to your needs

InnerJoy helps you

Manage Stress

Everything is changing real fast, keeping you running from one place to another. There is always a deadline to catch and never enough energy or time…

In the meantime, life goes by… You get stressed out… Whatever difficulties life brings to your table, you have everything in your power to overcome them.

At Innerjoy, dozens of meditations are there for you to help you manage stress—in your own power.

Innerjoy helps you

Focus your Attention

There goes another notification and one more email I have to reply. Also, let’s not miss the agenda on Twitter, and oh, what’s going on on Instagram? What if I miss something!?

And just like that, another day is over. You weren’t able to focus on anything. All the work has piled up waiting to get done.

Innerjoy’s exclusive meditations and focus soundscapes are there for you to help focus your attention.

Innerjoy helps you

Sleep Well

With all the challenges you have tried to overcome during the day, maybe a feeling of exhaustion, or sometimes insistent pain, and other times nervousness…

When you put your head on the pillow at night, is it hard to close your eyes and fall asleep?

You are not alone! 80% of the world population, like you, suffers from sleep problems.

Sleep Well with Innerjoy’s effective sleep programs, meditations, and special sleep sounds.

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With thousands of our friends joining us each day, so far more than 2 million minutes of meditation practice has been done with Innerjoy.

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