How to Rest Well: 7 Types of Rest

What is Active Rest?

Active rest is a form of rest that is done to perform more and longer at the job and to achieve a more effective result. Active rest is generally used more in activities that require high performance and intense work pace. For example, when an athlete takes a break from sports for a day or two to rest his muscles while in an intense work program, in the middle of a brisk run, the person reduces the tempo and continues walking quickly, a half-hour nap in the middle of a busy day, or a speaker interrupts the speech and leaves the audience. Taking questions can be given as an example of active resting types. Thanks to active rest, the sustainability of the activity increases.

Different Types of Rest

Sometimes, night sleep may not be an adequate form of rest to sustain our performance during the day. At this point, the question of how to rest without sleeping becomes a question that occupies the minds of most of us. This is where relaxation patterns come into play. We don’t just have to sleep to rest. That is why it’s important to know different types of rest with many different types of rest, we can relax our body and mind and increase our performance against the day. Also, we may not only need physical rest. We may need to rest our mental, emotional, social, sensory, and even creative side.

Physical Rest

– Short naps during the day will increase our physical performance during the day while nourishing us physically.

– Doing breathing exercises will relax our muscles and put our body into resting mode.

– Practicing the body stretching movements will not only be good for our body aches, but also will relax our body, which is tense during the day, and rest our muscles.


Mental Rest

– Meditating will clear our minds of unnecessary thoughts and will enable us to fight stimuli with a calmer mind.

– Spending time alone with ourselves will give us inner satisfaction and reduce the fatigue of socialization during the day.

– Staying with nature and calming down will be very effective for clearing the mind.

– Applying the inner suggestion method will relieve us of our worries in today’s world where there are many stress stimulants and will allow us to relax and rest both spiritually and psychologically.




Emotional and Social Rest

– Expressing emotions by speaking or writing will relieve us of emotional burdens and psychologically relax.

– Practicing self-care will make us feel good and get rid of negative emotions that weigh on us.

– Balancing our expectations in our relationships will make us feel more peaceful in a social sense and will allow us to relax psychologically.



Sensory Rest

-Doing a social media detox will allow us to relax both physically and mentally and will rest our sense organs.

-Moving away from blue light sources will relax our sense organs.


Creative Rest

-Writing will both nurture our creative side and make us feel more rested by allowing us to express our feelings and thoughts.

-Listening to music is another important alternative to listening and nurturing our creative side.

How to Rest Your Mind with Meditation

Now, in today’s world, as time flows faster, we all need to increase our performance to keep up with life. Continuing our lives with high performance and being exposed to many stress stimuli makes us tired both mentally and physically, while negatively affecting our ability to stay in the moment. For this reason, we may need a break both mentally and physically. Meditation can be a good alternative to rest our mind and body in a short time. Thanks to meditation, we can take a short break from running during the day and collect our thoughts, relax our muscles thanks to breathing exercises, and feel less stressed and thus less tired.

If you would like to take a break from the day with meditation practices and feel more rested, you can download Innerjoy from Google Play and Apple Store and start a 7-day free trial version!

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