How to Meditate?

Meditation is a method that has been used since ancient times to focus on the mind, to understand the mind, and as a result, to reach a high level of awareness, that is, inner peace. As a result of scientific research today, the benefits of meditation have been understood even more. 

Those who want to start meditation can find information on how to do meditation in this article. You can also find our article, which is a guide for those who are new to meditation, here: ​“Meditation Guide for Beginners​”

Preparation for Meditation

Beginning Meditation

How to Do Meditation at Home?

Contrary to popular belief, meditating at home is an action that does not take much time and will not put you in extra financial or moral effort.

How to Learn Meditation Free?

It may be difficult for you to allocate time for group classes, especially if you are working or studying. Private lessons can be financially challenging. But don’t worry! You can use Innerjoy to meditate for free. With the free 7-day Meditation Fundamentals 1 Program, you can start learning meditation, find the right meditation for you whenever you want, and reach your personal meditation coach online. 

Remember that no one gets the full effect the first time they try meditation. That’s why it’s important to have continuity. Choose the type of meditation that suits you best, do what you feel most comfortable with. Don’t let the negativities worry you. It takes time to train the mind and you will see the benefits of meditation, which are scientifically proven, by going step by step.

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