How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Because humans are social beings, they feel the need to build relationships at every stage of their lives. Especially romantic relationships can be complicated for us in some periods. It can be a difficult area to find peace. Because we usually form our relationship perceptions through the relationships in our environment that we have seen since our childhood. There may not always be examples of healthy relationships in front of everyone, and we may find it difficult to manage our behavior patterns and perception of the right relationship. For this reason, the question of what should I do to be happy in a relationship is one of the questions people often ask themselves and their surroundings. But although it is sometimes difficult to be happy and peaceful in romantic relationships, a happy love it is never impossible.

What is a Healthy Relationship?

Healthy relationship is a broad term and it varies according to people’s relationship needs, age, cultural perspectives. What is important is how open communication is and that it does not contain any form of violence. In a healthy relationship model, partners support each other emotionally and respect each other’s decisions, independence, and lives.

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What is a Toxic Relationship?

Experts define a toxic relationship as a relationship in which the partners do not support each other, there is disrespect, lack of harmony, the partner competes, and conflict prevails. Because the toxic relationship is a type of relationship with ups and downs, it can sometimes be misidentified as a passionate relationship. But it should not be forgotten that a toxic relationship can harm a person’s life and his environment. People in this relationship model feel tired, not understood by their partner, and in an uneasy mood dominated by constant stress and chaos. Especially if the toxic relationship in question is a romantic relationship, it can seriously affect the quality of life of the person.

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What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like?

Open Communication

Communication is one of the most important foundations in relationships. You should be able to freely share your feelings and thoughts with your partner and talk to them about anything you want. Couples who follow an open communication path feel much more secure in their relationships.


Open communication brings an unbiased relationship so you can be honest with your partner. While this honesty supports bonds of trust, it will bring along a more comfortable relationship mentally.


Trust is one of the sine qua non of relationships. No one can build a healthy relationship and be happy with a person they do not trust. Developing trust with our partner after establishing an honest and open way of communication will clear us of doubts that will wear us out in the relationship. It should not be forgotten that the bond of trust is the most important step for a peaceful relationship.


We are all different people from each other. Even if we have common points with our partner, this does not change the fact that we are people who think differently and perceive life differently. For this reason, respecting our partner’s decisions without judgment will expand our range of action in the relationship.


Although we have a relationship with our partner, we do not have to live the same life. The important thing is to support each other as we walk our own lives. In a healthy relationship, it is important to separate, create a private space and spend time independently from each other. Independence will both make the relationship long-lasting and prevent the partners from getting bored with each other.


No relationship can grow without effort. Especially in romantic relationships, the right level of effort will both make the relationship more valuable for us and make our partner feel more valuable.

Emotional Sharing

Emotional exchanges in relationships are the needs that bring us closer to our partner and are often healing needs. That’s why we should occasionally ask our partner how he or she is feeling. Likewise, we should share our feelings with our partner. These shares are the components that increase the intimacy in the relationship.

Physical Intimacy

The need for physical intimacy is just as important as emotional intimacy, but the level of this sharing varies from relationship to relationship. Therefore, the need for physical intimacy in every relationship is different. At this point, we should shamelessly talk about physical needs with our partner by following an open communication path. In this way, we learn about mutual expectations and we can feel physically more comfortable in the relationship.

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