How to Build a Good Morning Routine

How to Build Habits

We all have many habits that we love and want to get rid of. For this reason, the question of how to build habits appear as an important question on our minds from time to time. To seek an answer to the question of how to build a habits, it is necessary to learn what a habit actually is. Habit forming is a kind of automatization movement to do the activities we do routinely in our daily life more easily. Therefore, we all need our habits. It is one of the important steps that can be taken to direct and regulate this need, to include activities that are good for us in our routine, and to remove activities that are not good for us, to increase our quality of life and to build psychological resilience.

To build a habit, we must first set a goal and divide the action we will take in line with this goal into small steps. On the way to the big goal, it will be a good action plan that we can do to reward ourselves from time to time by setting small goals and to spread this process over time, to form a habit. Another important point to build the habit is to continue the action. According to studies, after adding an action to our daily routine, we need an average of 21 days to turn it into a habit. Likewise, we need to continue our actions for 21 days to get rid of or change a habit that we think is not good for us. Although the journey of all of us is different from each other, according to the research, forming a habit gives the person a more positive perspective, while at the same time it makes it easier for the person to direct himself/herself psychologically and physiologically.

Creating a Morning Routine

The activities and actions we do before starting the day directly affect our mood and energy during the day. That’s why creating a morning routine is a serious precursor to habit formation and regulating existing habits. According to the research, creating a morning routine, increases our productivity during the day, improves our problem-solving skills, enables us to know ourselves better, increases our sleep quality, enables us to manage our stress and protects our mental health.

How to Start a Morning Routine

– Identify the activities that are good for you in the morning and create your goals in this direction.

– Determine your sleep time to be able to do the activities you have determined and go to bed a little early every night and pull back your bedtime.

-Do not snooze the alarm to get up at the time you set, and even put the alarm in another room.

– When you wake up in the morning, stay away from the phone and blue light sources for a while.

– Expose yourself to sunlight in the morning and ventilate your room.

Add a short walk or exercise to your morning routine.

-Create a breakfast routine for yourself, and you can do this routine at any time that suits you best.

– When you wake up, write down your thoughts, dreams or grab a pen and paper to plan your day.

-Add activities such as listening to music, reading a book, listening to podcasts to your morning routine to start the day more motivated.

How to Start the Day with Energy

The question of how to start the day with energy is a situation that we all aim for, but from time to time, many of us have difficulty. If you’re not a morning person, you might want to think a little more about your sleep quality for how to start the day with energy question. An energetic start to the day starts with a good night’s sleep. If your sleep time is sufficient, you can question other alternatives about your sleep hygiene. For example, Is my sleep efficient enough? Is my bed comfortable enough? Is the room temperature suitable for my sleep? In addition, according to studies, consuming enough physical energy during the day is another alternative that directly affects sleep quality. Therefore, by providing suitable conditions, you can improve your sleep quality, regulate your sleep hours, and start the day more energetically.

Morning Meditation

Another alternative method you can add to your morning routine is morning meditation. Morning meditation will affect your awareness during the day and will allow you to manage your thoughts and energy more easily. In addition, by doing morning meditation even for 5 minutes when you wake up, you can gain the habit of meditation and create an easier routine against mindfulness practices during the day.

To create a morning routine and add meditation practice to this routine, you can download Innerjoy from Google Play and Apple Store and start a free 7-day trial version!

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