How Can Innerjoy Guide Psychological Well-being?

Definition of Wellbeing in Psychology

Mental well-being generally means a level of mental comfort in every aspect of life. A person with strong mental well-being maintains his belief that he can overcome his problems and is confident about emotional resilience.

Why Mental Health Matters

Caring about mental health and engaging in activities that will serve our mental well-being keep our quality of life high. Increasing our quality of life feeds our creativity, improves our relationships and keeps our physical health in balance. Especially in today’s world, where we are exposed to many stimuli, the importance of mental health has started to emerge as an area where we need to increase our awareness even more. Although everyone’s roadmap is different in order to nurture psychological well-being, Innerjoy can be a good companion for you in many issues that you can try as an alternative and that may be good for you.

How Can Innerjoy Help You Take Care of Your Mental Health?

With Mindfulness: Improving your awareness of the moment with mindfulness will allow you to understand your feelings and thoughts more easily. With Innerjoy practices, you can embrace Mindfulness and serve your time better by focusing on this moment, not the past or the future.

With meditation: According to the information obtained as a result of the researches, meditating has a positive effect on our psychological well-being. Meditation improves our insight and enables us to focus on our body better and realize both our physiological and psychological needs more easily. You can start meditating or enrich your meditation habit with Innerjoy.

With habit building : Our habits save us time and energy. With Innerjoy, you can create these habits in a way that will help your psychological well-being and thus direct your energy to a better year.

With sleep hygiene: Creating sleep hygiene helps us to focus more easily on our daily tasks, while making us feel more energetic both mentally and physically. You can increase the efficiency of your memory, focus and energy by regulating your sleep hygiene with the practices in Innerjoy.

With stress management: While stress often negatively affects our quality of life, it can harm our psychological well-being and endanger our mental health. A stress-free life is not possible, but by managing stress, it is possible to keep this stress under control and let stress do not negatively affect your daily life. Discover how to manage your stress with Innerjoy content.

With Meditation Music: that will keep the mood in balance: Music is the food of the soul. Sometimes it raises your mood and energy during the day, and sometimes it allows you to focus on yourself better. You can use the meditation music content in Innerjoy as a background for some moments, be included in your meditation and go on discoveries about yourself.

With Blog Posts that will inform you about your psychological well-being: Another way to support your psychological well-being is to know yourself better and make new discoveries. Therefore, by reading Innerjoy’s blog posts on topics such as psychology, mindfulness, and meditation, you can add something new to yourself and learn what can be good for you.

With Podcasts that will offer you perspectives on different topics: Our experiences in this life and the new perspectives we gain while meeting other people can open doors for us from places we never expected. With Innerjoy studio, you can learn new things in order to improve your psychological well-being, discover that there are other people who have lived through what you have been through, and open a new window for yourself.

To support your mental well-being, you can download the Innerjoy App from Google Play or Apple Store and start a 7-day free trial!

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