Forgiveness Meditation: How to Forgive and Begin Healing

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is the emotional weight we carry for a while, sometimes from ourselves and sometimes from others; anger and disappointment, such as acceptance and then stop experiencing the weight of these emotions as intensely as before. Forgiveness is freedom but ​it may not always be easy as it is a demanding process. Understanding the components of forgiveness correctly, searching for ways, adopting the right time to forgive can make this process easier for us.

Why Is Forgiveness Important for Mental Well-being?


Carrying the burden of the past to the present in our past experiences, events, people, situations, or our relationship with ourselves that we cannot close in our dealings with the past can affect today’s awareness. Especially if this is about the things we cannot forgive, bringing the past to the present can cause us to feel psychologically exhausted. Research considers the impact of forgiveness on our mental health and relationships to be too important to underestimate. For this reason, we can add forgiveness to the steps we take to achieve inner peace.

How to Forgive Someone

We can all get hurt, angry, and disappointed. Because what people make us feel is not always under our control. At this point, we may not always be able to solve the problems that are not going well in our relationships that day and that moment. Sometimes, a little time passes over what we have experienced, and it can enable us to return to that moment and better understand the emotion we experienced. At this point, remembering what we felt, admitting that we were hurt, angry and disappointed, admitting our sadness to ourselves makes this situation more surmountable for us. But we don’t have to go on living with these feelings.

At the point where we feel ready, saying goodbye to the pain that others have brought us, lightening our hearts will also bring us mental relief. One of the most important aspects of being able to do this is to forgive. When we feel ready, instead of forgiving as much as we feel ready, and carrying what we couldn’t say in time with us, slowly getting rid of them will open new doors for us about ourselves and our relationships. It would be a great favor for us to turn our minds to the person we cannot forgive and say that we forgive them.

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How to Forgive Yourself

It is not only others who can hurt us in life. Sometimes we realize that we are doing the worst to ourselves. Everyone can make mistakes; the important thing is to fix our relationship with ourselves and start treating ourselves well again when we become aware of this. Therefore, we must forgive not only others but ourselves as well. Because it should not be forgotten that our most valuable relationship in life is the relationship, we establish with ourselves. For this reason, we can start to reduce the burden we have created on ourselves by turning inward and saying, “I forgive you”. 

Self-forgiveness may not always be an easy journey, but the first step in this journey will pave the way for our other steps.

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Meditation for Self-love and Forgiveness

In addition to the relaxing effect of meditation, its healing effect is also invaluable. Therefore, we can use the power of meditation as a gateway to forgiveness of others and ourselves. In this way, we can get rid of the negative thoughts that we have been carrying for a while, with deep breathing and correct direction steps, and turn our meditation into a healing meditation. Crying and feeling emotional while meditating is possible in such meditation practices. For this reason, it is necessary to leave the troubles behind and communicate with the children calmly.

We can use forgiveness meditation as a meditation to heal the past that negatively affects us by freeing our mind from negative thoughts and directing it to our feelings and ourselves. In addition to forgiveness meditation, compassion meditation is one of the important practices that can contribute to this process. Because compassion is a healing promoter of forgiveness.

If you want to add compassion to your forgiveness journey, you can download Innerjoy for free and check out the compassion program!

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