Common Meditation Mistakes

If you are a beginner in meditation, you may not be sure of the correctness of some things at first. You may be confused about the time you choose, and how you should feel during meditation. Or maybe you feel that after a long time you are not seeing any benefit from meditation. While our expectations about meditation affect our practice, they can also reduce the efficiency we get from meditation. This article can help you avoid possible mistakes you can make while meditating and get better results from your meditation.

Common Meditation Mistakes

Seeing meditation as something you have to do

Feeling obligated to do meditation just because someone else suggested it or because it is beneficial reduces the efficiency we get from meditation and makes this action, which can actually be enjoyable and beneficial for us, a necessity. What we need to do is to think about why we need meditation, or why we want to meditate, and turn that practice into a routine that we really enjoy.

Expecting too much

The benefits of meditation are more evident in our daily life than during meditation. You may not feel better right after a meditation practice, which is perfectly natural. Instead of thinking and anticipating how your meditation should feel, you can begin to accept the experience as it is. Thus, perhaps without realizing it, there will be positive changes in different areas of your life and you will feel better over time.

Not being stable

You can think of meditation as a mental exercise. Just as we cannot make progress by going to the gym once or just dieting once, we may not see progress when we are not consistent in meditation. In order to make meditation regular, it can be helpful to set yourself an alarm or reminder for the time of day you want to meditate at. As you see the benefits of meditation, your desire to perpetuate this action will increase.

Expecting fast results

You may have started meditation and haven't seen the benefits yet. Because meditation doesn't work instantly like a pain reliever. You should meditate regularly and find practices that suit you. If you be patient and don't give up, you will witness how meditation changes your daily life. Many scientific articles and many studies are proof of how beneficial meditation is.

Choosing the wrong time

How many minutes should you meditate? This time is entirely up to you. If you are a beginner or busy, even a 3-minute meditation will suffice. You should not force yourself to do long meditations. A productive 3-minute meditation is more beneficial than an unproductive 45-minute meditation.

Judging yourself

People around you who meditate have already seen the benefits of meditation, but you still can't get used to it? Or you couldn't get yourself in order. You should keep in mind that everyone is different and you should not compare yourself to others. You can try different meditation practices and create a plan for yourself. You can meditate at any time of the day that feels more convenient. This is entirely up to you.

Are you making any of the mistakes we mentioned above? Remember, meditating is a gradual process.

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