What to Do For Uninterrupted Sleep

How to Fall Asleep When You Can’t How to fall asleep when you can’t question is a sleep problem that most people experience and can have different causes. Although the most common cause is stress, it can also be caused by physiological problems (such as breathing problems, cold, asthma, overweight, etc.). Since stress relieves sleep, […]

Meditation for Sleep

What is Sleep? Sleep is the most important form of rest that our body needs regularly and takes up 3/1 of our life. Although sleep may seem physically passive, it is actually a very dynamic process neurologically. Because the body is hormonally active during sleep. This active process structures our memory with the traffic between […]

Anxiety Disorders: Can Meditation Help Anxiety?

What is the Meaning of Anxiety Disorder? When we all feel in danger, we release the hormone cortisol and produce stress, so we react to protect ourselves against danger. One of these reactions is anxiety. This situation warns us against the dangers in the outside world and causes us to act prepared. However, when this […]

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