How Does Social Media Impact Self Image

Psychology of Social Media Regardless of age, we are all social media users. On the other hand, many content and posts are shared every day on social media channels, where the number of users is increasing. Social media directly affects our behaviors, thoughts and perceptions according to our usage times. At this point, researchers and […]

Tips for Dealing with Uncertainty

Emotional Resilience From time to time, we may see the future as uncertain in the face of situations that are beyond our control and stress us emotionally, and we may feel as if we are not in control of our lives and emotions. At such times, knowing concepts such as emotional resilience or psychological social […]

How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Because humans are social beings, they feel the need to build relationships at every stage of their lives. Especially romantic relationships can be complicated for us in some periods. It can be a difficult area to find peace. Because we usually form our relationship perceptions through the relationships in our environment that we have seen […]

What is Mindfulness?


With the popularity of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness practices in the world in recent years, we have started to encounter the word mindfulness in many places. So, what is mindfulness? Mindfulness is not the state of staying positive all the time, contrary to what most people think. It’s not about being in a good or […]

Psychology and Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness is the ability to relate to the present moment, stay in the moment, and focus on the present. By using mindfulness activities, we can reconnect with our body, ourselves and today, increase our self-awareness, and cope with the factors that make us anxious or cloud our minds more easily. Relationship of […]

New Beginnings in the New Year: Mindful Goals

With the New Year’s fast approaching, many of us have already set new goals for ourselves by reviewing what we have done in the previous year. Places to visit, movies to watch, activities to do and more have already filled the New Year’s to-do list. In general, we look forward to a new week, a […]

Mindfulness at Work

iş yerinde mindfulness

As in all areas of life stress is also a part of our business life. The competitive environment brought by the modern age we live in, long working hours, busy shifts and relationships with colleagues ​are just some of the contributing factors to the ​stress at work​. In cases where we cannot manage the stress […]

Importance of Self-care

Do you feel tired, exhausted, or deflated? Then you’re not taking good care of yourself. A mindful life is aimed at reaching awareness of these fatigues and the limits of our body and mind. The importance of self-care also comes into play at this point. The expression “take care of yourself”, which is a phrase […]

Mindfulness for Students

öğrenciler için mindfulness

Future anxiety in the face of exams can make it difficult for students to find motivation to study. Especially as the exams get closer, the level of panic begins to increase. Many students start to lose their working efficiency in the face of this situation. Meditation offers relief in these hopeless-seeming moments of panic. Meditation, […]

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