Coping with Winter Blue

What is Winter Blue Especially with the arrival of the winter months and the early darkening, people may start to feel more depressed. Feeling blue can appear as a very common mental well-being problem at this time of year. But making the right definition of feeling blue is very important to eliminate this negative mood. […]

Attachment Styles in Romantic Relationships

Why is Attachment in Relationships Important? Attachment is a very important process that starts from the moment we are born and continues throughout our lives, affecting the decisions we make in our lives from childhood to adulthood. This process first begins with the baby’s sense of security with the caregiver or mother after birth. This […]

How Do Emotions Affect the Body: Psychogenic Pain

Sympathetic Nervous System The sympathetic nervous system is the part of the autonomic nervous system that works automatically and is responsible for automatic functions that do not require us to think about it. The sympathetic nervous system is known for its role, especially when we feel threatened and under stress. In stressful situations, the sympathetic […]

Healthy Fear: How to Make Peace with Fear

What is Fear? According to the American Psychological Association, the question of what is fear is a basic emotion evoked by the detection of an imminent threat, which includes a sudden alarm response that triggers a series of physiological changes and activates the organism. Fear is a strong, natural, intense, and primitive emotion. Fear is […]

Meditation for All

Why is Mental Health a Human Right? Our mental health directly affects how we think, how we act, and thus has a serious impact on our quality of life. Our mental health also affects our physical health. People with mental well-being problems may experience some somatic pain, may experience stress-induced heart attacks, may be physically […]

Emotional Loneliness: How to Accept Being Alone

Emotional Loneliness and Isolation Emotional loneliness is based on a person’s lack of a relationship. In this type of loneliness, the person needs someone to share their experiences in the flow of life but cannot feel the presence of someone to share their experiences with. Also, after a breakup or during a heartbreak, one can […]

How to Overcome Emotional Eating

What is Emotional Eating? Emotional hunger and emotional eating is the name given to the situation when the feeling of anxiety, which occurs when your needs are not met emotionally or you do not know how to cope with your emotions, turns into a feeling of hunger and the need to eat is felt. Although […]

Sleep Disorders and Having Trouble Trying to Sleep

Why Sleep is Important Sleep is a natural form of rest observed in many living things. For this reason, living things need sleep in order to perform their physical and mental functions during the day. For this reason, the importance of sleep affects us from our behavior during the day to our psychological well-being. In […]

Open Communication: How to Better Communicate

What is Open Communication? We all need socialization. Communication is the basis of socialization. However, sometimes we have difficulties communicating with people we have just met or know very well, which can directly affect our relationships. Healthy communication is a form of communication in which two people approach communication with awareness, are open about their […]

How to Rest Well: 7 Types of Rest

What is Active Rest? Active rest is a form of rest that is done to perform more and longer at the job and to achieve a more effective result. Active rest is generally used more in activities that require high performance and intense work pace. For example, when an athlete takes a break from sports […]

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