Calm Down with Mindful Writing

What is mindful writing? Mindful writing, which is basically a healing aspect, is a way of putting our thoughts and feelings on paper, unfiltered and as they are. The most important point in mindful writing is to express our writing style, thoughts, and feelings without criticism and judgment. While writing mindfully, you write without paying […]

How to Build a Good Morning Routine

How to Build Habits We all have many habits that we love and want to get rid of. For this reason, the question of how to build habits appear as an important question on our minds from time to time. To seek an answer to the question of how to build a habits, it is […]

How Can Innerjoy Guide Psychological Well-being?

Definition of Wellbeing in Psychology Mental well-being generally means a level of mental comfort in every aspect of life. A person with strong mental well-being maintains his belief that he can overcome his problems and is confident about emotional resilience. Why Mental Health Matters Caring about mental health and engaging in activities that will serve […]

Meditation for Stress

Types of Stress Stress out is a response that protects us against dangerous external stimuli. With this reaction, we feel physically and emotionally tense, and we begin to apply the right strategy against danger. This stimulus can sometimes be a physical threat and sometimes a psychological threat. If it is produced at the right level, […]

What is Gratitude?

şükran ne demek

Power of Gratitude As we get caught up in the flow of daily life, we often lose our awareness of the values, objects and people we already have and focus more on what we do not have. In the midst of this flow, sometimes looking at what we have and putting the feeling of gratitude […]

Meditation for Sleep

What is Sleep? Sleep is the most important form of rest that our body needs regularly and takes up 3/1 of our life. Although sleep may seem physically passive, it is actually a very dynamic process neurologically. Because the body is hormonally active during sleep. This active process structures our memory with the traffic between […]

Anxiety Disorders: Can Meditation Help Anxiety?

What is the Meaning of Anxiety Disorder? When we all feel in danger, we release the hormone cortisol and produce stress, so we react to protect ourselves against danger. One of these reactions is anxiety. This situation warns us against the dangers in the outside world and causes us to act prepared. However, when this […]

Forgiveness Meditation: How to Forgive and Begin Healing

affetme meditasyonu

What is Forgiveness? Forgiveness is the emotional weight we carry for a while, sometimes from ourselves and sometimes from others; anger and disappointment, such as acceptance and then stop experiencing the weight of these emotions as intensely as before. Forgiveness is freedom but ​it may not always be easy as it is a demanding process. […]

Breathing Exercises and Meditation

nefes egzersizleri

Although breathing is an action we do in our daily life by losing our awareness, it has an indispensable importance for our quality of life, physical and mental health. By learning to breathe correctly, we can increase our self-awareness, ensure a balanced mood, and create a unity between body and soul. Meditation and Breath Relationship […]

Mindful Parenting

mindful ebeveynlik

What is Mindful Parenting? Mindful parenting​ means bringing our awareness to what’s going on around us and managing our behavior accordingly, instead of our emotions taking control and negatively affecting our behavior in difficult moments. Of course, sometimes we can feel angry, sad or overwhelmed. However, being able to manage the moment of stress with […]

7 Ways to Incorporate Kindness into Your Life

nezaketi hayatına dahil edebileceğin yöntem​

In our daily life, there are some behaviors that we are not even aware of, but that make our day meaningful and make us feel good. A colleague’s saying good morning every morning, when we meet someone we know the smile on his/her face during the day, the kindness of a person working in a […]

Maintain Motivation and Energy with Meditation


 In everything we do, we have a certain motivation. Starting a new series, finally sitting down to write an assignment you need to complete, or just taking time for yourself to relax… For most of us, maintaining our motivation in many aspects of life is an important problem. Sometimes, even for basic actions during the […]

Is It Possible to Protect Mental Health with Meditation?

ruh sağlığı nedir

Many stress factors such as the tiring and long working hours that come with the changing conditions of modern life, long study hours for students, the deterioration of the ecological balance, the economic and environmental conditions brought by technology and the economic and environmental conditions we are in are already affecting ​our mental health​ in […]

The Foundation of a Healthy Relationship with Ourselves: Self-Compassion

öz şefkat

On our journey of self-discovery in this life, there are ​pains, difficulties, mistakes, and failures​ as much as happiness, excitement, and success. Suppose a close friend of yours has failed an important test and feels inadequate. How would you talk to him/her during this difficult time to support, share her feelings, and make her see […]

Reverse Negative Thoughts! The Power of Meditation and Positive Thinking

We may all have negative thoughts sometimes and therefore feel sad, pessimistic, or suspicious. However, what if we constantly focus on negative thoughts and think the worst? Have you ever had a minor negative experience that stuck in your mind all day long? Or that you remember a bad behavior you were once subjected to […]

Post-Vacation Blues: Ease your way back to work

While we were trying to catch the last holiday opportunities in the late summer, we realized the sadness caused by returning from vacation and how it’s negatively reflected on our business performance. It’s not easy to get out of work mode and then come back from the vacation that we took to relax just a […]

Innovative Technologies to Improve Meditation Experience: Biofeedback

Although meditation is a very old practice, it has never stood still and naturally changed over time. While relying on today’s meditation techniques and practices, it is important to remember that the change and development meditation has undergone to this date is the result of thousands of years of insight and experience. Meditation, which is […]

Importance of Self-care

Do you feel tired, exhausted, or deflated? Then you’re not taking good care of yourself. A mindful life is aimed at reaching awareness of these fatigues and the limits of our body and mind. The importance of self-care also comes into play at this point. The expression “take care of yourself”, which is a phrase […]

Meditation and Yoga

meditasyon ve yoga

Everyone tries to cope with life’s troubles and problems in their own way. What if there was an exercise that would help us all find peace, wouldn’t it be nice? Meditation and yoga have now become well-known practices for reducing stress. The scientific world does not deny their support to physical and mental health. But […]

Mindfulness for Students

öğrenciler için mindfulness

Future anxiety in the face of exams can make it difficult for students to find motivation to study. Especially as the exams get closer, the level of panic begins to increase. Many students start to lose their working efficiency in the face of this situation. Meditation offers relief in these hopeless-seeming moments of panic. Meditation, […]

Meditation and Mental Health

Happy World Meditation Day! When we begin to meditate, we begin to take care of ourselves in a way that may not seem obvious at first glance, but is very different. Meditation ​​has ​numerous and diverse benefits. Moreover, this effect is supported by science. Meditation provides many benefits for your mental health when it is […]

When Does Meditation Take Effect?​

meditasyon ne zaman etkisini gösterir

Have you just started meditation or are you planning to start? At the first stage, a question that constantly comes to mind is, “When will it take effect?”. Scientific research, experts, sites, blogs, spouses, friends suggest and explain meditation. Naturally, this situation creates a great expectation for those of us curious about meditation. This expectation […]

Common Misconceptions about Meditation

The increase in workload, the stress of living in big cities, the fight against corona and other challenges today have led many to turn to meditation for comfort and relaxation. Thus, hearsay information, untrue discourses and prejudices about meditation, which is becoming more and more popular, have also increased. In this article, we wanted to […]

How to Make Meditation A Habit

For meditationto show its benefits, continuity is very important. Only regular meditation can have a lasting effect on your attitudes, moods, and skills in daily life. Meditation momentarily relaxes and calms your mind, but when regularly done, it has a power to directly affect the brain. Scientists have proven in their studies that meditation reduces […]

Common Meditation Mistakes

If you are a beginner in meditation, you may not be sure of the correctness of some things at first. You may be confused about the time you choose, and how you should feel during meditation. Or maybe you feel that after a long time you are not seeing any benefit from meditation. While our […]

Types of Meditation

Meditation is a lifestyle that has its roots in India and has been practiced for thousands of years. Competent meditative practices help improve cognitive functions and regulate various physiological mechanisms that trigger mental and physical well-being. Intense meditation practices also help to achieve harmony between body and mind. Thus, it leads to important changes in […]

Meditation Techniques

Have you been meditating for a long time and not seeing the benefits? Perhaps the meditation techniques that are right for you are waiting for you to discover them. In this blog post, we will talk about meditation techniques and help you find the technique that suits you best. “Meditation can help us embrace our […]

The Effects of Meditation on the Brain

meditasyonun beyin üzerindeki etkileri

The brain is an organ that is more complex and important than we can imagine. Whether sleeping or meditating, it actively changes and develops at every moment, and electrochemical bonds are formed and disassembled between neurons. In addition to all these, it is of great importance to keep our most important organ fit in the […]

How to Meditate?

How to Meditate? Meditation is a method that has been used since ancient times to focus on the mind, to understand the mind, and as a result, to reach a high level of awareness, that is, inner peace. As a result of scientific research today, the benefits of meditation have been understood even more. Those […]

Meditation and Focus

odaklanma meditasyonu

Meditation is a very powerful practice that, when practiced regularly, creates positive effects in many areas of life. It is sometimes even compared to a magic wand. That is because thanks to meditation, your memory and focus level can improve in an incredible way. Besides, your stress level can also be reduced. You can make […]

Meditation Guide for Beginners

meditasyona başlamak

Meditation is a special technique that has been practiced for centuries to gain mental clarity and reach a state of deep awareness. The meditation process follows a certain pattern, has certain principles, and produces results that can be verified. If you have made a new decision to meditate, we recommend that you review this guide […]

25 Benefits of Regular Meditation

meditasyonun faydaları

Anyone can meditate. Meditation does not require any experience or special equipment. Meditation takes the stress out of the day and brings inner peace. You can continue to review our article to learn more about the benefits of meditation. Reduces Stress Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders? Meditation is incredibly […]

Discover Inner Happiness with Meditation

One of the subjects that those who want to start meditation wonder about is happiness. Whether it’s five minutes in the morning or longer in the evening, meditating on a daily basis relieves anxiety, removes negative thoughts from your mind, improves focus, and boosts self-esteem and self-confidence. In addition to all this, meditation can also […]

Meditation and Deep Sleep


If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, you’re not alone… Many adults around the world regularly experience symptoms of insomnia. For many people, not being able to sleep well is related to stress. Stress can cause anxiety and tension, making it difficult to fall asleep. In some cases, stress can make existing sleep problems […]

What is Meditation?

meditasyon nedir

Meditation, which is the best way to calm the mind in the modern and hectic world, may seem complicated at first, but it is a practical activity with some knowledge. Reading the basics of meditation before starting meditation will make the process easier for you. What are the Features of Meditation? Even if meditation is […]

Relief from Stress With Meditation

meditasyonla stresten arınma

Billions of people around the world suffer from chronic stress. The increasing number of external stimuli, city life, work stress and pandemic have a great impact on this. Failure to control stress can lead to bigger problems. Therefore, it is necessary to apply methods of coping with stress as soon as possible. In recent years, […]

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