Back to School: How to Get Into Studying Mood

How to Develop Good Study Habits

Gaining a habit or quitting an existing habit can come across as a subject that most of us have difficulty with from time to time. According to the researchers, the best way to form a habit is to divide this habit into parts, create small steps and draw a roadmap for developing this habit. In this period when schools were opened, the question of “how to develop good study habits’’ began to bother many people. Developing good study habits like all other habits, can be gained by directing the brain to routine. You can try the roadmap below to gain this habit.

  • Choose a work environment: It can be at home or in your room, or it can be a library or a cafe you like to go to. One of the most important points to consider here is that the working environment is suitable for focusing. While some people have difficulty focusing in noisy environments, some people can focus better in crowded environments, so you should consider your focusing style when determining the study environment.
  • Make sure to start working at the same time every day: The easiest way to build a habit is to create a routine. If you go to the study environment to study at the same time every day, after a while your brain will want to do this automatically.
  • Increase your working hours gradually: Rather than reaching your target working time in one day, it may be a better way to gradually increase your working hours in order to gain the habit of working.
  • Be consistent: Even on days you don’t want to work, always spend some time at your desk and try to focus. If you want to form a habit, you have to make it a routine and repeat it every day.

How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Motivation is a process that initiates, directs and maintains goal-directed behaviors. We need motivation for everything we aim for in our life because motivation gives us a reason for wanting against that goal. For this reason, how to motivate yourself to study’ is one of the most important processes. Motivation can be divided into internal and external. Our intrinsic motivation is often to ‘feel better’ and to ‘make that goal for personal satisfaction’. For example, learning new information and studying because it is a developer is fed with intrinsic motivation, but working to get a good grade is a type of motivation fed by extrinsic motivation. To build motivation to work, you must be extrinsically and intrinsically motivated. In order to nurture this motivation, you must first set a goal, be honest with yourself about why you set this goal, and remind yourself of the reasons that will motivate you both internally and externally, and you should choose them.

How to Focus Better When Studying

Focus is the ability to actively process certain information in the environment. Focus is limited in both capacity and time, so it’s important to have ways to effectively manage the resources of attention at our disposal to make sense of the world. But what can we do to increase our focus time and focus more quickly? The first question that comes to mind at this point is how to focus better when studying?

  • Having sleep hygiene
  • Having enough physical energy during the day
  • Establishing a healthy eating pattern
  • Preparing our environment for focus. For example; eliminating distracting factors such as sound, light, heat
  • Not forgetting to take a break from studying
  • Listen to music, read a book, take a short walk to clear the mind before you start focusing
  • Creating a working environment


To make your study habits more efficient and listen to deep focus music you can download Innerjoy from Google Play and Apple Store and browse through meditation practices.

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